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Masters / Seniors Snooker (Over 40s)


Brief History of Seniors Snooker
The first ever World Championship for senior players was held in 1991. Sixteen over 40s gathered at Trentham Gardens in Stoke-on-Trent most of whom were still actively playing on the main circuit and indeed it was two of the three highest ranked players who fought out the final with Cliff Wilson edging Eddie Charlton 5-4. The event was not repeated for nearly 20 years but was revived in 2010.
There was a serious attempt to establish a Senior’s Tour in 2000. One event was held, the World Seniors Masters at the RAC Club in London but plans for a World Championship ended when neither sponsorship nor television coverage could be secured.
In the non-professional game a European Seniors event began running in conjunction with the Men’s European Championship in 2000 and in 2004 the IBSF added a seniors’ event at their world championship, the first two of which was won by New Zealand’s former world number 18, Dene O’Kane. In 2006 the event was re-named the IBSF Masters World Championship and the EBSA followed suit. A European Masters Team Championship began in 2004. The IBSF held their first World Team Championship for Seniors in 2006 but to date it has not been repeated.

World Seniors Championship
Year Venue Sponsor Winner
Runner Up Score 1st Prize
1991 Trentham Gardens, Stoke-on-Trent Matchroom Cliff Wilson Eddie Charlton 5-4 £16,000
2010 Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford Wyldecrest Park Homes Jimmy White
Steve Davis
2011 East of England Showground, Peterborough Wyldecrest Park Homes Darren Morgan Steve Davis 2-1 £18,000
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World Seniors Masters
Year Venue Winner
Runner Up Score 1st Prize
2000 RAC Club, London Willie Thorne Cliff Thorburn 84-8* £10,000
* Single Frame Event
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IBSF World Masters Championship
Year Venue Winner
Runner Up Score
2004 Velthoven, Holland Dene O'Kane NZL Eugene Hughes IRL 5-2
2005 Manama, Bahrain Dene O'Kane NZLa Joe Delaney IRL
2006 Amman, Jordan Mohammed Yousuf PAK Glen Wilkinson AUS 5-4
2007 Korat, Thailand Darren Morgan WAL Kamchai Wongjan THA 5-1
2008 Wels, Austria Dene O'Kane NZL Geet Sethi IND 5-1
2009 Hyderabad, India Darren Morgan WAL Dene O'Kane NZL 6-0
2009 Damascus, Syria Phil Williams WAL Chuchart Trairattanapradit THA 6-4
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IBSF World Masters Team Championship

Year Venue Winner
Runner Up Score
2006 San Jose, California, USA England India 'A' 5-2
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EBSA European Masters Championship
Year Venue Winner
Runner Up
2000 Stirling, Scotland Joe Delaney IRL John Caven SCO 5-2
2001 Riga, Latvia Eugene Hughes IRL Joe Delaney IRL 6-3
2002 Kalisz, Poland Ron Jones WAL Eugene Hughes IRL 6-1
2003 Bad Wildungen, Germany Ron Jones WAL Joe Delaney IRL 6-4
2004 Volkermarkt, Austria Alan Trigg ENG Ron Jones WAL 6-4
2005 Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland Michael Maguire SCO Eugene Hughes IRL 6-2
2006 Constanta, Romania Jyri Virtanen FIN Kimmo Lang FIN 6-4
2007 Carlow, Ireland Darren Morgan WAL Kieran McMahon NIR 6-2
2008 Lublin, Poland Alan Trigg ENG Kieran McMahon NIR 6-4
2009 Duffel, Belgium Darren Morgan WAL Joe Delaney IRL 6-3
2010 Bucharest, Romania Darren Morgan WAL Joe Delaney IRL 6-0
2011 Sofia, Bulgaria Steve Judd ENG Alan Trigg UKR 6-4
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EBSA European Masters Team Championship
Year Venue Winner
Runner Up
2004 Riga, Latvia Ireland Scotland 7-5
2005 Qawra, Poland England Scotland 7-1
2006 Carlow, Ireland England Finland 8-1
2007 Gent, Belgium Wales Malta 7-3
2008 Glasgow, Scotland Wales Ireland 8-0
2009 St. Petersburg, Russia Wales Ireland 7-2
2010 Qawra, Poland Wales Malta 2 7-0
2011 Qawra, Poland Malta England 7-5

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